In keeping with my theme, I'm on a quest to lighten, brighten, and modernize my home.  It's doesn't look horrible now, just filled primarily with neutral tones and not the best representation of us.

I'll show the big reveal of our home when I'm totally finished (Don't hold your breath, I'm a slow worker!).

For now, here are my living/family room pillows of six years (kinda embarrassed to post them - don't know how many times I've patched the hole in the bottom one).

And my new, homemade ones...

I'm a sucker for texture.  I've been in love with these faux pleats from the moment I saw them.

So clean and so simple looking.  Plus love the graduated color (If I was cool I'd call it ombre, but I'm not!  Ha!).

I found inspiration for my next pillow on Pintrest.  Are you a fan?!  
Also, if you haven't tried freezer paper stenciling, you should.    

And if I get bored of the blue and white, I can just flip it over!

Both pillows have a zipper closer because lets face it, I have two kids.  Whites can only stay white for so long before they need a quick run through the washing machine.

Modern, bright, and cheery.
Cute and practical.
2 down 1 to go.


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