Tote Bag Beauty

What girl couldn't use another bag?  Bags for everyday use, bags for shopping, bags for library books, bags to take to church... I can always find use for a new bag.  That is why I was so excited when I saw this.  I promptly made two.  I sent this one to my sister (made from fabric that belonged to our dear Grandmother who passed), after I finally convinced my daughter that I would help her find monkey a new home.

And the floppy bow version went to one of my besties, because I just knew she was born to rock it!  Which she currently does!
Fun to make and easy to follow instructions.
Magnent snap closure.
Inside pockets (as many as you fancy!).

I think I'll make one for me next.


  1. I DO love my bag from becoming bright's own jillee bea! I have toted it faithfully for about 5 months now! (so honored to be featured!!)


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