When she asks so nicely...

I just can't say no!

"Mom, will you please make me a pretty super hero cabe (cape) with a dog on it?  And a mask?"

Really?!?!  Sure!! 

I took her to my stash and let her pick out whatever fabric she wanted.
My girl is kind of a tomboy, so I was thrilled when she asked for something pretty.  

The cape is a large rectangle with velcro closure top.  I chose this shape because of the way it gathers around her neck and looks a little more feminine.  Love it!

For the record, she's already saved so many of her stuffed animals "in trouble"!

Perhaps my most satisfying project in the last several months.  She wears it daily.

Oh, and for some reason with her cape on, she calls herself a dog-iguana super hero.  Maybe I should have put an iguana on it too!


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