Family Home Evening and haircuts

I have a friend, Ray.  She cuts and colors my hair - in exchange for things.  Her work is pure art!  She's a lively, bold, friendly mother of two who inspires me in many ways.

My most recent haircut/color was done in exchange for a Family Home Evening chart.  I wanted to make it as bold, fun, and exciting as my friend Ray is.  

The frame was an inexpensive laser cut from Micheals.  I cut a lightweight board to size, painted it, and glued it to the back of the frame.  The knobs I also got from Micheals.  All lettering is either stamped or hand painted on (minus the knobs, they came that way!).  The name tags are wood painted with chalkboard paint so Ray can change/add names as her family grows - or if she's feeling sassy and wants to write down nicknames - or if her daughter wants to practice and write her own name she can.

It was a fun/time consuming project.

Oh, and I last minute changed the name tag ties to a red and white bakers twine but didn't get a picture of it.  I like the bakers twine better because it's so thin.    

I think I'll have to make one for my own family now!  


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