Throw Pillow

I made another one.

My living room needed a bit more color and I needed another pillow.

I also wanted to make it something meaningful.  I thought of putting a silhouette of the state of New York on the pillow, but I realize one day we will move and I don't really want to make one for every state we're in.  So I decided on the Statue of Liberty.

Not only does it remind us of course of New York, but of the Navy, which we are a part of.

The Statue of Liberty silhouette is cut from felt (to add texture) with No-Sew Heat-N-Bond ironed on one side.  I wish I had used wool felt as it can withstand usage better.  The pillow case has a zipper closure.

So easy, 
nice touch. 


  1. Ok Jill, you do know that you are one amazing woman right?! And you do know that you are already BRIGHT. I love ya and all your inspiration. Thanks for being you!


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