All Gussied Up - Dress and Tie for Spring/Summer!

**Remember this post about the spring/summer wardrobe I was so excited to make?!  It's done!  Here's the first post of that series!**

My little lady is more tomboy than lady.  She loves dirt, rolling in the grass, animals, running, and cars.  Every now and then it is fun to remind her that she is indeed my little lady!

Insert Easter dress (yes, I did say Easter dress!).  I made this little number for my daughter for Easter this year.  Little buddy got a tie to match (great tutorial found here).
I love color blocking, texture, pleats and fun surprises (aka the inside lining - also the lining of buddy's tie)... all which I tried to shove into one garment.  I think it turned out!  And I'm in love with the flutter sleeves!  

I didn't follow a pattern for this one but used a store bought jumper for correcting sizing.    
It didn't take too long to make and fits wonderfully.  Success!  And she has worn it (and rocked it) several times since!

Here's to little ladies!

P.S.  Our new computer is now in working order!  Expect more regular posts!  Yea!


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