Board Shorts, Chica Style! - Spring/Summer

While these shorts are longer, I guess the title is misleading since they are not meant for swimming.  They are however, my favorite thing I've made for my daughter yet in this years spring/summer wardrobe series (and I still have so much to show you!).  I think they are my favorite maybe because she wears them so much and they fit her like a glove.  As I've mentioned, she's a bit of a tomboy, and while I often have to do quite a bit of coaxing to get her into the latest dress I've made, she's dresses herself in these red and white gingham shorts and happily skips off to play.  

These shorts feature a flat front and gathered back, which I love.  I found a basic pattern for flat front shorts and made several small adjustments.  I love the look of a flat front with the ease of elastic in the back.  I attached a large white button and did some fun top stitching in the front to make them look less homemade.  

I also added side slant pockets.  They are just perfect for collecting rocks, leaves, and small toys, among other treasures.  
The shorts are cuffed at the bottom, to show off those cute knobby knees!  And the back also has pockets, because this girl can really never have enough!  Maybe I'll have to make a girly version of cargo shorts next!  Ha!  
We love sunshine and we love wearing shorts!  

What is your favorite thing to wear in the summer?


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