Pencil Skirt for me!!! - Spring/Summer

I had to post about my skirt next, mostly because I love that the photo above features both the Easter dress from my previous post and my new pencil skirt... and being honest, my insanely cute daughter.  

And while this white and navy blue thin-striped fabric was not in my spring/summer wardrobe stash, I'm counting it toward that series.  When I originally thought about making clothes for spring and summer I planned to make clothes just for my kids.  I'm guilty of not really making things for myself.  For some reason it's so much easier for me to think up things to make for my kids, or to give away as gifts, that I just don't create things for me.  Does this sound like you?!  

I want to change that.  I recently made this pencil skirt just for me, and it was surprisingly so fun and easy to make!  I used a store bought simple pattern (if you want to know which one just message me and I'll look it up!)  and made a few small adjustments, sizing it to fit me perfectly.  
The back closure is an invisible zipper and two hook-and-eyes.  

You wouldn't know by these pictures, but I'm not an extremely tall woman. Very average infact.  I do however have tall-woman legs (I do!  I have to buy longs when purchasing jeans!).  This makes it very hard to find skirts that are long enough to remain classy and sophisticated.   

Problem solved!

I think I'll be making a lot more of these for myself in the future.  


  1. You made this??? What?? You have so much class. I am drooling.


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