Rebel Dress - KCW Spring 2013

I have a fun, spunky, sassy, emotional, crazy, cute, silly, and kind four year old.
I wanted to make a dress that somehow reflected all of that.  Something that like her is feminine, but not too girly, sweet but allows room for jumping around, and the color blue - her favorite.  Oh, and pockets are a must for any girl with a shelf devoted solely to her "collections".
This dress, the Rebel Dress I affectionally like to call it, I drafted from scratch, for my little rebel.  I learned a lot of things along the way.  I used one of her old t-shirts and a pair of jeans to draw out a pattern on draft paper.  I really like how it turned out, but should I use my self-made pattern again I might tweak the bodice and make the shoulders more narrow.  

This was my first time using piping with clothing and I love it!  I added tulip sleeves in hopes to allow my little lady to be able to move around as much as her heart desires. 

Unfortunately (and sadly) the zoom on my camera lens recently broke (aka was dropped), so I really struggled to just get an infocus straight-on shot of her and the whole dress.  If I zoomed too far out the lens wouldn't focus.  This was the best I could do.  
Eight sparkly blue buttons (the girl's favorite detail) go down the length of her back.  The boddice is fully lined with the same fabric her peter pan collar is made from.  The skirt is gathered all in the back and in the front between the two pockets.
I like making dresses for my daughter because 1) cute ones are very expensive to buy, even for little kids and 2)  I can fit them to her personality.

Now doesn't that dress fit the girl?!


  1. It's beautiful! Love the fabric, the piping and the tulip sleeves. Great job, especially since you drafted it yourself!

  2. so super cute! you did a great job and clearly spend a lot of time thinking about the little details. Nice job!

  3. aaaaah! you are SO talented, Jill! I love this dress, and the girl wearing it! Seriously, can't believe you drew your own pattern and everything. You are my hero. I particularly love the piping and the collar.

  4. Its perfect! You are amazing...I bet she loves it!

  5. Great job ! I love how it turned out. The fabric is gorgeous, the black piping is beautiful and the collar, oh lala !


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