Winter Wardrobe - Twirly Skirt Plus Beanie

I was blessed to meet, room with, and become best friends with some of the most amazing women during my college years.  I'm so happy that we continue that relationship today.

This is the daughter of one of those wonderful women.  Her name is Emi, and I'm pretty sure they don't come cuter!

We were able to go visit them during the cold winter months, and it was then that little Emi turned two. To celebrate I made her this fun twirly skirt, loosely based off of this pattern.  I sewed a solid, slightly wider contrasting strip to the graphic design strip and then folded it perfectly in half, creating a band of the solid color on the bottom of each ruffle (and extending the solid color to the backside of the ruffle).  It does make the skirt heavier, as each layer is made of two strips of fabric, but it also gives the skirt a very clean and polished look.  However, because it makes it heavier, I would recommend using a thick piece of elastic for the waist.
I also made a slouchy winter beanie to match.  I wish I took a better picture of the beanie, with it's pom pom slouching down the back of her head, but I didn't.  
She seemed to love it, so I'm calling it a success!


  1. As the mother of this cutest model (whose name, incidentally, is spelled "Emmy"), I would like to add that this skirt was my husband's single favorite item in her wardrobe this winter, and he would put her in it whenever he dressed her. Thanks for all the cuteness, Jill! Success indeed!


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