Moving Forward

First off, Happy Memorial Day!  I love this holiday and all that it represents.

You'll have to excuse yet another long laps without posting.  This time it results from moving.  We packed our bags, left NYC, and headed south to Virginia.  I am very sad to be leaving so many great friends, the birth state of my two boys, an amazing city, medical school and school in general, etc., but we're thrilled to be starting this new and exciting chapter.  Tomorrow hopefully we'll sign our lease and move into our new place within the week.

Phew!  Moving is tough!

With all our posessions packed away in storage, at least Virginia Beach is here to make things a little easier. Today the sun was shining, the sand was squished between our toes, and my littles were smiling from ear to ear.  We're trying to create good memories amidst all the stress associated with moving.  Tomorrow perhaps we'll find a local ice cream shop.

Expect posting to resume as soon as most the boxes are unpacked!


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