Kindergarten Bubble Shorts - KCW Summer 2013

I had so much fun in the short time I participated in the last (and my first) KCW Week that I just knew I would want to do it again!  And guess what, it's here!


Okay, you got me, it's been here since Monday.

And so have 10 wonderful house guests (it's so nice to have more than the 700 square foot apartment we had in NYC).  I had big big plans for this seasons KCW (at least one article of clothing/day), but alas other good and important things took precedence.

So, this KCW won't be what I originally planned... and I suppose that just means I'll have to join in on the fun next season!

Remember her?

My sassy, silly, fun fun fun four-nearly-five year old?!  You might recognize her better in this photo...

She'll be starting kindergarten in the fall, so I knew I wanted to make some clothes for this summer series that will also be school appropriate.  Enter these bubble shorts.
I made a few small changes from the original pattern.  I used contrasting fabric for the cuff of the shorts and the front tie, as well as added it the top of the pockets.  I made the pockets extra big because as I've mentioned before on this blog, my little lady loves to collect things and carry them around.  I also, using the classic pattern, made a flat front on these shorts to give them a little bit more of a grown-up/polished look.    

(No, my four year old does not own an iPhone, and no, I don't usually let her touch mine - we were just testing the "huge size" of these pockets!  She's excited to use them to carry apples around.  Ha!)  I'm working my way through an entire shelving unit of fabric that I already own.  This fabric is a thick canvas from Ikea.  I'm hoping a heavier fabric can withstand the wear and tear Ms. Energy is bound to exude!

On to the next thing!  With only 2 days left wish me luck!  


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