Grandma's Garden Bubble Shorts - KCW Spring 2013

I finished these shorts last night, just in time!  My husband came by my sewing room around 10:30PM, threads and bits of fabric on the floor, my table covered in patterns, buttons and rulers, and me franticly searching for a foot I took off my sewing machine and needed again. 

He called me a mad scientist.  

I think that was pretty accurate. :)

Another pair of these same bubble shorts

But these ones are special.  About 2 years ago my Grandma passed away.  Man, I love that woman.  She was an avid gardener and her lush flower/vegetable gardens were the envy of every neighborhood she lived in.  When she passed, I was given this fabric from her stash.  Not only does the pattern on the fabric remind me of her, but knowing that it used to be hers makes it all the more special.    

Sadly, these shorts I accidentally made at about an 18M-2T size.  I was going for a slightly smaller size 4/5T, using a bigger seam allowance all around.  That would have been fine, but what really shrunk them down was leaving out the side front piece on either leg, which I didn't realize I had left out because my sewing room was such a mess and the pattern piece was still pinned to the top of the fabric - so it just looked like another paper pattern piece on my table!  Ha!  Kind of a big whoops!     

Luckily, although my daughter will not be wearing these, they are still very wearable and will make some other little girl very happy.  I'm thinking a baby gift for someone in the family, as the fabric has so much meaning.

I begged my good friend to let me borrow her insanely cute two year old daughter to snap a few photos.  

Besides the accidental downsizing I made a few other purposeful changes.  I made the pockets a bit smaller, and added a contrasting color to the top of them. 

I used the classic pattern again, only putting elastic in the back and making a flat front on these shorts.  I then covered four buttons in the same contrasting fabric and attached the faux buttons to the front of the shorts.  Oh, and the front and back seam I made into Super Seams to hopefully make the shorts as durable as possible.   

Despite being much smaller then planned, I love how they turned out.


  1. You know I love that fabric (Anna still wears the dress I made her from it!) and those shorts turned out so cute! Too bad they are too small for Daphne!

    And, did you say SEWING ROOM???? I must hear about your new house! Yay!


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