PJ Shorts - With Super Seams

Am I the only one with kids that beg for me to make them matching clothes?!  Ha!  Well, mine do!  And when they beg to be "matchy-matchy" and excitedly prance around the house, coming to check in on me with the infamous "Are you done yet?  Yet?  Are you done mom?" before I even start how can I say no?! 

The only thing is, we just moved here.  And I haven't discovered yet where to buy fabric (that and truly I'm trying to hold off until I've used the mountain I already own).  I just had enough flannel to make the front of both shorts and used an brand-new receiving blanket that came with an IKEA sheet set to matchy-match their cute backsides!  They love jumping front to back in unison to show off how they are the same, yet different.    

I used a self-drafted pattern I drew up about a year ago from some old shorts of theirs, making both a little bigger to fit their growing bodies.  Then I followed this tutorial about super seams to ensure their new pj shorts could keep up with their overactive owners! 

Now they're begging that I make one more "matchy-matchy" pair for baby brother.  :)


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