Himmeli Wreath - House to Home

With a new year, and a gentle nudge from a friend, I am recommitting to document here, a little at a time, how I am continuing to work towards becomingBRIGHT.

While I haven't been posting, I have been, as always, busy at work.  This geometric wreath (exact, easy to follow tutorial here) is my most recent project in attempts to turn our house into our home.

Straws and wire from my craft stash made this a very inexpensive, fun and clean statement piece.


  1. I really, really love this! I have a couple of places in my house that are in need of something other than a picture frame, and this is perfect! But it intimidates me, was it actually easy? It looks so confusing! :)

  2. Catlin, it was easy! I finished it in a night! And I made a few other things like it that I haven't shared yet! ;) She has a great video that you should defiantly watch that will really help you easily go through each step. I watched the video, paused it, did what she just showed me and watched more, paused... you get the idea! Easy easy! And fun! And roughly $2.00!!! Have at it!


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