Front Placket Snap Skirt - KCW Winter 2014

Front placket, pearl snaps, full skirt/skinny waist, gathered waistband in the back, winter colors, longer length with room to grow...  these are a few of the things I love about this skirt.  

Truth be told, I made it as practice (that and this cute girl really needs some more formal wear).  I want to make a few versions of this same skirt for myself and I was happy to practice on something for my little lady.  I already have the fabric to get started on one for me!

I went with snaps because they are easier for my kids to do than buttons... that and I'm really digging the way they look!  

I used this tutorial as a general outline.  Unlike in the tutorial, I made a detached placket because I wanted the contrasting fabric to run down the front.  I also gave the skirt a flat front (interfaced) with a gathered waistband in the back (not interfaced) because kids grow too fast and I want her to be able to wear this for a while.  

And... the fabric for the main part of the skirt was given to me by a friend!  A cute and more than affordable skirt!  I'm in love!


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