Sweatshirt and T-shirt refashion - KCW Winter 2015

I'm realizing as I look through my stack of clothes to refashion that I have a thing for sweatshirts… and not being able to get rid of them.  Why??  Luckily, however, we are in great need of warmer clothing right now.  This photo was taken a few snow storms ago.  There is even less of our corner stop sign still in view at this moment (with three more days of snow predicted for this weekend!).    

The navy blue sweatshirt I received as a hand-me-down while living in Japan about ten years ago.  It always fit around my waist just fine but the sleeves were about two inches too short.  I pushed them up and called it good.  The navy and white striped shirt is from (clearing throat) eight grade!  I'm in my 30's!!  I found it in a box when I came home to my parents during college and was delighted it still fit.  So I took it to put it back into my rotation of clothing.  It is really nothing special.  And super embarrassing to admit! 

I very loosely based this sweater off the Bimaa Sweater pattern with the shawl collar by Lou Bee Clothing.  The striped material on the sleeves are cut at a slant so they come to a point at the elbows.  I used the original hems on the bottom and sleeves of the sweater.  I cut the neck hole much larger and resized the shawl piece to fit.  I made the body of the sweater so it is more of a slim fit and longer than the original pattern called for.  In retrospect, it would have been a lot easier to follow the pattern more closely.  This was supposed to be a really fast refashion!  I also wish I had used a thicker knit for the neckline shawl but I love the color of the knit I used.       

All in all I'm happy with the result, and grateful my girl has another sweater to help keep her warm in this freezing weather!  


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