Chi-Town Chinos: A Review

I cannot believe I am dusting off the blog and posting something.  It has been so so long.  

And while I have been busy living and loving life... moving, having babies, moving, mothering, moving (#militarylife), friending, serving, moving, and working to name a few, I've also been sewing.

Eight years now-  I was gifted my first sewing machine eight years ago.  I actually still use the same one (a basic Elna).  She remains a solid and reliable companion, and I never give up on such companions.

And so together we make things.  This not being the most recent, but the most recent I have photographed.  Also, a favorite as of late.    

Chi-Town Chinos (expansion pack)

While this pattern had lots and lots of steps, the directions are so carefully written that I felt for the first time I was able to tackle and conquer short making for myself.  I've tried before with more homemade results - not what I was going for.  This time I am so happy to tell anyone that will take  notice of them that I made them myself.  These shorts remind me of something I would buy at JCrew. Except they fit even better.

So go ahead, try making them yourself.  And then marvel at what you made.  And thank Alina and her pattern making skills for teaching you how to do it.  

Also a tip: put on your brightest lipstick when wearing them, simply because life is more fun that way.  Now go!


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