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Hi! I'm Jillee Bea! A vibrant 30 something mother of four, military wife, adventure seeker, outdoor loving, busy and bustling sewing enthusiast.   

My husband bought me a sewing machine as a graduation gift when I completed college 10 years ago.  Frustrated after a few curtains (never finished) and pillows (not perfectly squared) I boxed it up again.

I attempted designing my first clothing pieces about 8 years ago - a few dresses for my daughter, with no zippers or buttons or way to stretch them over her head.  I made a gaping hole at the top, causing the garment to slip off her little shoulders and shift with every move she made.  While I felt a sense of pride at the time, I also felt overwhelmed at what I didn't know.  How could I ever learn to really sew?

My next opportunity to dust off my machine happened in New York City.  My downstairs neighbor introduced me to indie clothing patterns 6 years ago, and my sewing life was forever changed... albeit slowly.  The fashion district quickly became my best friend that I tried to meet up with at any available opportunity.  I miss that friend.  

I spent the next several years trying to learn to follow patterns, and then throwing all patterns aside and creating on my own.  Instead of creating a skill base to work from, I felt like following patterns was stifling my creativity and passion to follow the beat of my own drum.  It was a slow process, and in retrospect I wish I had realized the value in not reinventing the wheel over and over again.  

It was only in the last 2 years that I have come to feel like an emerging confident sewist.  There is still so much I don't know and so many things I want to learn.  I have broken more than one seam ripper, and there is a burnt spot on my new carpet from my iron.  As hard as I tried, I've never been able to shake my love for sewing.  Instead I decided it's time to get serious.

Join me on my journey!  I might even make you laugh, but no promises...     

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